Cynnabar is the capital city of the Republic of Cynnabar. Before the Republic of Cynnabar was reformed, it served as a regional capital for the Empire of Arin. Cynnabar also served as the capital of a small kingdom, called the Kingdom of Cynnabar, before it’s conquest by the Empire of Arin.

The city has expanded over time resulting in a walled inner city often called the old city. The population of the old city is primarily composed of nobility, wealthy, and some middle class citizens. The monarch’s palace is still located within the keep of the old city.

As time progressed, Cynnabar expanded and a new outer wall was built when Cynnabar served as a regional capital for the Empire of Arin. The new city, as the expansion is called, contains the merchant quarter, the market, a large portion of the middle class, and the lower class.

When Cynnabar was the capital of the Kingdom of Cynnabar, caverns were carved below the city to allow for the city to expand without having to expand the walls. The caverns below the surface city is called the Undercity and was occupied till shortly before the orc invasion. The Undercity was sealed in an attempt to control the massive amounts of crime originating from it and the criminal organizations that had made the Undercity their home.


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